Welcome to AstroCat


Hello! My name is Eimear and this is my own creative (for a lack of a better word) dumping ground! – well maybe not a dumping ground. But Astrocat is one solid place I can share my creative projects and discuss content that inspires me in one incredibly hard to edit WordPress blog!

Here you will find various different blog pages for the creative mind, including one for art, animation and photography. This blogpage includes several different subsections including one for discussion and analysis on the latest animated shows and news, as well as updates on what im doing as an artist and sometimes even tips and tutorials! I will also have a writing blog where i may post my own writing (Ocassionally I dapple in poetry- it’s a good outlet for heavy emotion.) as well as book reviews, with the Novel series Warrior Cats having it’s own centric blog page! I have an Etsy, which is plugged into this website for easy access. In my Etsy shop I sell earrings, keyrings, clay models and my own paintings! All my products are handmade and of my design. So, if you’re ANYTHING like me, you’ll surely enjoy your time here!